Chairman's Message

Abdulla Mohammed Al Mulla

(Brigadier Retd.)

In line with the vision of the wise leadership to harness all possibilities for food self-sufficiency, Al Fahalin Agriculture and Aquaculture Company is working on hatching and breeding fish of various types and establishing incubators to support aquaculture work through raising edible and ornamental fish by following the highest standards of quality, safety and use Latest technology. On the other hand, and for the same purpose, we also focused on growing fruits and vegetables with the aim of increasing production. This was done by following several different methods, such as hydroponics and organic farming. On the other hand, we directed to raise pets such as deer, horses, sheep and cows, in addition to poultry and birds.

We will continue in Al-Fahlain Company, in cooperation with our strategic partners and with the support of the rational government, to contribute to the market of organic vegetables and fresh fish in the United Arab Emirates.

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Ras Al-Khaimah
United Arab Emirates