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Al Fahlain Farm

Al Fahlain Farm is the next generation vision for a life closed to the nature. We focus on fish breeding hatchery operation and nursery rearing to support open-ocean aquaculture businesses by farming edible and ornamental fishes, inhouse cultivation of fruits and vegetables as a sincere solution for the availability of organic fruits and vegetables. We also care about the environment and are proud of the many to safeguard it. We focus on fish breeding hatchery operation and nursery rearing to support the local aquaculture industry and reduce the dependency on the foreign imported fish. New business opportunities are being created in this rapidly growing market.
Our activities include scientific method of farming, commercial production of organic fruits and vegetables, maintain a group of domestic animals to graze around to balance the ecosystem. Al Fahlain helps buyers and sellers identify new product sourcing opportunities with the best production experts from the top fish suppliers in UAE. Our aim is to excel through quality, consistency, constant innovation by forecasting customer needs, demands and investing in the best possible infrastructure through organic Farms Development.

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Our Vision

A world that embraces and enables the role of responsibly farmed Fishes and Vegetables in meeting global nutrition needs.

Our Mission

Ensure safe and ethical sourcing of fish, vegetable and fruits in abundant supply for future generations.

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Ras Al-Khaimah
United Arab Emirates